Closer To Reality: Time Travel

Most knowledgeable people acknowledge that theoretically, on paper at least, it is possible to travel back in time; back into the past. Some however say that this presents a logical contradiction. Then too there are all of those possible paradoxes that could theoretically arise. What follows arises out of my point of view in a debate I had with an “accidental meta-physician” which I’ve edited for, hopefully, sake of clarity.

Is Time Travel Possible or not Possible?

# If travel back in time is theoretically possible then travel back in time is theoretically possible – that’s logically self-evident. Time travel cannot both be theoretically possible and theoretically not possible with the same stroke of the pen. In any event, I’d even maintain that even meta-physicians see an actual example of time travel in the delayed double-slit experiment.

# If something CAN happen, then that something more likely as not WILL happen, sooner or later. Now travel in time back into the past might be in our too hard basket for thousands of years yet to come, maybe indefinitely if there are no benefits to be gained for the costs involved. But why restrict the scenario to humans? Perhaps an extraterrestrial civilization(s) millions, even billions of years in advance of ours has achieved this and turned time travel possibility into probability into actuality. Unless anyone can absolutely prove that time travel to the past is impossible, I wouldn’t bet against it having being achieved somewhere by someone at some time.

In the case of the delayed double-slit experiment, there is no alternative explanation to time travel other than that of Panpsychism. Interested readers can read up on what physicist John A. Wheeler thinks about it. The experiment was his doing.

# Time travel to the past is not logically contradictory if one can avoid the contradictory paradoxes that have been raised. There are ways and means of avoiding those paradoxes. Science fiction has paved the way by illustrating how that is possible in numerous novels and short stories. Now, can anyone prove that travel to the past is impossible in terms of the actual physics involved? If not, then time travel to the past is apparently theoretically possible: difficult, yes; but theoretically possible.

# Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Have readers failed to learn their history lessons?

Less than a century ago…

It was just theoretically possible to scale the highest mountain, but humans made it so.

It was only theoretically possible to build an atomic/hydrogen bomb, but humans made it so.

It was just theoretically possible to break the sound barrier, but humans made it so.

It was only theoretically possible to create antimatter, but humans made it so.

It was just theoretically possible to fly to the Moon, but humans made it so.

It was only theoretically possible to fly non-stop across the Atlantic, but humans made it so.

It was just theoretically possible to send an unmanned probe all the way out to the environs of Pluto, but humans made it so.

It was only theoretically possible to perform a heart transplant, but humans made it so.

It was just theoretically possible to pitch a perfect game in the World Series, but one human made it so.

It was only theoretically possible for humans to play God – but that too has come about.

Further theoretical ponderings that are now reality:

You can now fly around the world using just solar energy.

Humans wanted to turn lead into gold. Now it can be done.

Humans wanted to build the Pyramids, Stonehenge, the Great Wall of China, Petra, Machu Picchu and similar ancient engineering feats, and it came to pass.

The lesson to be learned here is not to ever, ever try to tell humans what they can or cannot do. Don’t sell humans short. If it theoretically can be done, and you have admitted that time travel is theoretically possible, and humans want to do it, it will be done. Or, in the words of Captain Jean-Luc Picard, “Make it so”.

# If time travel to the past (the future being another matter entirely) is a “logical self-contradiction” then travelling through time and into the past is not physically possible. Yet most acknowledge that time travel to the past is permitted in theoretical physics. Now that’s a contradiction! Something cannot both be possible and not be possible.

So here’s my FINAL word on the subject. If it (i.e. – time travel to the past) CAN be done and if humans WANT to do it badly enough regardless of the costs (social, political, economic, etc.) then sooner or later it WILL be done. End of story.

Meditation And Active Thought

Thinking about the nature of reality deeply often changes it. Meditation and powerful active thinking are not an exception. Being overly busy and overly active changes reality less than being “inactive” and doing some sort of meditation or deep thought that goes down deep into the reality controlling parts of the brain, spirit and mind. I mean, realize, that sort of relaxation is more reality controlling and creating than anything you can physically do “immediately” like a few minutes of “mindless” work, or trying to “be in control” so to say.

Also, what I mean by meditation and active thought is to genuinely gain more control by relaxation instead of panicked action that only serves to not give genuine solutions and actually make a problem worse. After all, genuine power comes from the most productive of relaxation and meditation on problems.

Let me give examples of how two great inventors used to meditate to show my point. Nicola Tesla and Thomas Edison: They used to go into deep states of mind, in different ways of course and visualize the solutions to their problems and invention solutions. Nicola Tesla used to put the whole machine together in a halfway hypnotic state, let it work in his mind through visualization for a few months and then actually put it together physically with it working mostly like he visualized. Thomas Edison when he would have an invention “hang up” or problem, would take a halfway hypnotic nap with two small ball bearings in his hand with his hand hanging, and when they would drop, he would wake up with the answer at the forefront of his waking consciousness. The point to these two stories is to show the viability of deep meditation using the mind, and genuinely active thought processes. It is not my point to go “wow” at inventive talent or whatever.

So, if these states can be used to solve the problems of major inventions easily. Imagine when these states are used to solve the common problems of life and existence. Victor Hugo once said, the most powerful idea is an idea whose time has come, and Johann Goethe basically said “be bold and begin it now”. This is the idea where those two great writers genuinely meet. Life begins at a very deep energy level, and works genuinely at a deep energy level which is where it is at. Deep is bold, shallow is weak. Strength is depth, weakness is shallow. Think about that fact before going on with this article.

Energy is controlled genuinely with depth, not shallow actions at the surface that immediately “look busy”. Like a plant seed germinating in ways that we cannot see, everything really works deeply, we only see the plant after it has grown. But when it is a seed underground, that is when the really deep stuff we wish we could see and understand happens as it is deep in the ground fighting and powering to the surface. That is what I am giving you in understanding here. What happens with a seed is like meditation, you do not seem to be doing anything, but the most happens.